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Quiver for cordless screwdriver
Quiver for cordless screwdriver


With this quiver you create a storage possibility for your screwdrivers directly at the place of use. This way you have integrated the most important tools directly into your work process. In addition, the workplace is free and tidy...
€47.36 *
Nettopreis: €39.80
Kunststoffhülse für Aufbewahrung von Kabelbindern und Flaschen
Pipe sleeve for cable ties


Plastic sleeve with base e.g. for storing and providing cable ties, cans, bottles, tools, etc. With this practical plastic tube, in combination with our holder for spray cans, you can create a very individual solution for storing your...
From €13.09 *
Nettopreis: €11.00
Tool holder for 1/4" bits
Tool holder for 1/4" bits


Tool holder for 1/4'' bits for a total of 18 bits Slot: 4.5; 5.5; 6.5; 8 Cross slot: PH + PZ each 1; 2; 3 Torx: 8; 10; 15; 20; 25; 27; 30; 35 Hexagon socket Stainless steel housing The K.Lean tool holder is supplied unloaded. length of...
€39.27 *
Nettopreis: €33.00
Tool holder for 1/4" sockets
Tool holder for 1/4" sockets


Tool holder for 1/4'' sockets and 1/4'' bits for 11 sockets :SW 4.5; 5; 5.5; 6; 7; 8; 9; 10; 11; 12; 13 for 7 bits, hexagon socket :SW 2.5; 3; 3.5; 4; 5; 6; 8 Stainless steel housing The K.Lean tool holder for 1/4'' sockets is supplied...
€42.84 *
Nettopreis: €36.00
magnetic handle as character holder
magnetic handle as character holder


Practical aid for attaching drawings and other information to the machine or a metallic workpiece. With two magnets, strongly adhering to ferritic surfaces. Attaches drawings, parts lists or the like can be attached and removed with one...
€12.50 *
Nettopreis: €10.50
Pencil cup
Pencil cup


Practical little helper, can be attached to all magnetic surfaces. With two magnets, adheres strongly to ferritic surfaces, plastic tube with round base, suitable for all pen types, from 0 - 17 mm diameter, colour grey. Dimensions: W x H...
€11.78 *
Nettopreis: €9.90
Pendulum lock for torque wrench
Pendulum lock for torque wrench


Magnetic holder, strongly adheres to ferritic and round surfaces. Secures the torque wrench against swinging. Standard colour: black-grey Dimensions: 32 x 60 x 23 mm
€19.64 *
Nettopreis: €16.50
Tool holder for torque wrench
Tool holder for torque wrench


Professional holder, developed for variable tool use, fast and safe handling: Simply hook it in and touch the magnetic holder. Manufactured from stainless steel sheet. Dimensions HxDxW 65 x 60 x30 mm
€13.33 *
Nettopreis: €11.20
K.Lean Halter für Spraydose
Holder for spray cans and bottles


Universally applicable holder for spray cans, bottles, plastic sleeves for cable ties etc. to the 5S workplace, the cleaning station or as an accessory to the workshop trolley. This tool holder is prepared for mounting on the K.Lean...
From €10.89 *
Nettopreis: €9.15
Tool holder for drills
Tool holder for drills


Tool holder for drills for drill sizes 1-13 mm single row arrangement with 0.5 mm pitch Stainless steel housing The K.Lean tool holder for drills is supplied unfitted. Wide range of applications Accessories for our tool stand Kit...
€33.92 *
Nettopreis: €28.50
Tool holder for 1/2" sockets
Tool holder for 1/2" sockets


Tool holder for 1/2'' sockets for 10 sockets SW 10,11,12,13, 17, 19, 22, 24, 27, 30 Housing: stainless steel The K.Lean tool holder for 1/2'' sockets is supplied unloaded. length of the holder: 355mm
€36.89 *
Nettopreis: €31.00
Quiver holder D13
Quiver holder D13


Screwdrivers and similar tools with a diameter of less than 13 mm are quickly and ergonomically accessible via the quiver holder. The holder is an alternative for tools without iron components, which do not stick to the magnetic...
€15.83 *
Nettopreis: €13.30
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