Replacement roll sports plaster self-adhesive
self-adhesive sports plaster for application to the wound. Firming function. width: 5 cm Length: approx. 5 m For tearing off or cutting off.


Net price: €9.25

Manual to document injuries and accidents. Format: DIN A5 landscape  


Net price: €9.70

Replacement roller elastic soft touch plaster
Self-adhesive soft foam bandage as an optimal aid for small and larger cuts. Does not stick to skin, hair or wound Adheres also in water highly absorbent Latex-free 1 roll - 6 cm wide and about 5m long.


Net price: €19.30

Refill AKLA Plaster Dispenser
Refill set for the green AKLA plaster dispenser. skin coloured plaster Paving 25 mm wide and 10 m long. 100 wound dressings 25 x 20 mm


Net price: €21.25

Isotonic wound and eye shower
Isotonic wound and eye shower in the practical spray can 250 ml isotonic solution (0.9% NaCl), similar to tear fluid. in practical spray can. Sterile down to the last drop thanks to the special technique of the spray can! soft spray mist without expansion cold. in this way you rinse the eye with a pleasant, soft jet. Also ideally suited for cleaning wounds


Net price: €26.40

Refill Earplugs
Refill earplugs Moldex. Content: 250 pairs of ear plugs SNR value: 36 dB from PU foam Adapts perfectly to the ear canal   Delivery without K.Lean stainless steel holder.


Net price: €79.70

Hearing protection plugs Dispenser station
Moldex earplugs dispenser station including K.Lean stainless steel holder for mounting on the K.Lean first aid station or directly on the wall. An ideal addition for the protection of your employees and the K.Lean first aid station. Delivery including contents: 250 pairs of Moldex earplugs. SNR value: 36 dB made of PU foam Adapts ideally to the shape of the ear canal


Net price: €123.60