Single Parts

Broom handle made of aspen wood. With K.Lean Branding and specially made connecting cone to the broom. Length: 1400 mm


Net price: €5.70

dustpan reinforced, with lip
Reinforced dustpan on resistant galvanized metal with rubber lip and wooden handle. In order to offer you real added value, we have abandoned the simple dustpan and offer you only this reinforced version. This dustpan can withstand even the toughest applications and will accompany you for a long time. It is much more durable and the rubber lip protects the surfaces of your floors, machines, etc. Due to the wooden handle, the shovel sits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand.


Net price: €6.20

Ergo brosse à main à long manche coudée
Haarbesatz: für feines Kehrgut
Nous avons développé cette brosse à main à angle spécialement pour faciliter votre travail grâce à l'ergonomie et à une coupe de cheveux efficace. La brosse à main est dotée d'une poignée spéciale encastrée qui permet de se coucher confortablement dans la main pour éviter la fatigue. En raison de la forme coudée, la coupe de cheveux est portée uniformément et pas seulement à la pointe comme d'habitude. Cela signifie que la brosse à main K.Lean peut être utilisée plusieurs fois plus longtemps que les brosses à main conventionnelles. De plus, le dos est épargné car il n'est pas nécessaire d'adopter une position de la main non naturelle lors du balayage. Equipage avec du crin de cheval fin, idéal pour le balayage de matériaux fins tels que la poussière. Lettrage basé sur le concept des 5 S pour optimiser la visualisation. Lettrage en deux langues : Allemand et anglais : Fine / Soft.

Variants from €14.46*

Net price: €13.60

broom with arena mixture - without handle
600 mm width Arenga for coarse sweeping material  without broomstick


Net price: €13.75

soft broom with mixed hair mixture - without handle
600 mm width Horse hair mixture for fine sweeping material such as metal shavings, etc. without broom handle


Net price: €14.25

Shovel handle
suitable for Hallenser aluminium round bucket ashen Delivery without shovel length: 1400 mm


Net price: €15.00

Adjustable bottle holder
Bottle holder to extend the mobile and stationary K.Lean stations. adjustable to cover different bottle diameters Ø76-Ø93 possible. Suitable for 1,5L PET bottle for cleaning agents, cleaning emulsions, etc. suitable for K.Lean Station 460 and 980


Net price: €16.60

Fine broom with mixed hair mixture - incl. handle
600 mm width for light sweeping material such as metal chips, etc. broom handleincluded


Net price: €19.40

coarse broom with arena mixture - incl. handle
600 mm width for heavy sweepings like metal chips, etc. broom handleincluded


Net price: €20.00

Hallenser aluminium round bucket without handle
stable and durable pressed from aluminium sheet easy Flat bearing surface to achieve maximum operating length Delivery without handle!


Net price: €29.50

Hallenser aluminium round bucket with handle
stable and durable pressed from aluminium sheet easy Flat bearing surface to achieve maximum operating length Delivery with ash handle


Net price: €39.50

Waste bin - 40 L "Eco-Top"
easily accessible from above and from the front through a hinged lid with light chute at the front 40L Capacity synthetic with carrying handle


Net price: €49.70

Cleaning cloth rolls
Verpackungseinheit: Paket mit 2 Rollen
Cleaning cloth rolls for cleaning devices, workplaces and machines. Absorbent and tear-resistant. 2-ply blue 360 mm width 1000 sheets of tears (already perforated) Core diameter 70 mm Outside diameter 290 mm Optionally as packaging unit with 2 rolls or as pallet with 8 rolls.


Net price: €50.90

Sulo waste bin - 3 versions
Ausführung: 35 L Kunststoff
Sturdy waste bin that fits perfectly into the holder of the 980-6 K.Lean cleaning station but is also practical to position it on a wall station. So your employees can dispose of the waste they have collected directly on the spot. Choice of plastic or galvanized steel for flammable media With cover and holder Suitable for our mobile and stationary K.Lean Stations The following variants are available: 35 L plastic 50 L plastic 50 L Galvanized steel 


Net price: €53.85

Wall bracket for cleaning paper roll
Made of 2mm thick stainless steel, this wall mount is the ideal dispenser for paper cleaning cloths. Thanks to the sturdy paper tear-off rail and very stable paper roll storage for 70 mm core diameter, this is an ergonomic device as an addition to your workshop or storage areas. Dimensions 420 x 285 x 255 mm for max. roll diameter 380 mm and max. roll width 400 mm Weight 1,9 kg Delivery in individual parts with assembly instructions. Delivery without cleaning cloth roll. These can be found below under accessories.


Net price: €96.50