Tool Shadows

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You can achieve a lean and productive workplace by implementing many targeted measures.

A very large part of the philosophy of 5S is visualisation.

This can be understood as labelling, marking, clarification and can be achieved in various ways.

Ultimately, it should help the employee at the workplace to make his job easier and help to avoid mistakes.

Which waste is worse than your employee unnecessarily searching for tools because he can't find them immediately.

Tool shadows are a very efficient way to prevent this. You assign a fixed place to the tool. The worker then has to get into the habit of putting the tool back in its fixed place after work is done. With the tool shadow, he can immediately see which tool has which place and does not have to search for a long time.

This prevents mix-ups and significantly reduces search times.

Tool shadows are very individual. With our techniques we have many possibilities to reproduce your individual tools to have a detailed picture of your tool.

Simply attach this to the back of the K.Lean universal clamping rail and you automatically have a shadow that is at a distance from the tool and does not prevent you from grasping the tool.

Feel free to ask us about this and we will advise you accordingly.

Advantages of the tool shadows

  • Reduces search times
  • Prevents mix-ups
  • increases the well-being factor of the employee
  • Visualizes also externals very fast, which tool is needed at the workstation.
Ombre à outils Clé à molette
de différentes tailles, cette ombre à outils pour clés à boîte ouverte est destinée à visualiser l'espace de rangement attribué à vos outils. Dans le cadre du principe des 5S, les ombres à outils constituent une partie importante de la mise en œuvre de la normalisation. Facile à fixer à l'arrière du rail de serrage universel K.Lean.


Net price: €6.90

Ombre d'outil Couteau à découper


Net price: €6.90