The K.Lean First Aid Station is designed for quick wound care of light workshop, office or construction site injuries.

The task was to accommodate the most useful aids for minor injuries in the smallest possible space, but with the best possible overview, in a station for the injured person. This is what modern assistance for injuries looks like.

The first aid station of K.Lean is ideal for mounting on narrow building columns, takes up very little space in width and can be mounted universally. 

quick help when it counts.

  • direct access when time is short
  • Clear arrangement of the individual components
  • clear texture
  • innovative in the treatment of small wounds
  • Clarity through transparent first aid box
  • Signal colours green with white cross
  • Developed from practical experience in the trade
  • Practical plaster dispenser
  • First Aid Station
First Aid Station
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First-aid station for quick wound treatment of minor workshop, office or construction site injuries. Ideal for mounting on narrow building columns. Therefore takes up very little space in width and can be mounted universally. The first aid station can be clamped around a hall girder either with dowels/screws or alternatively with steel straps, thus finding a place that is quickly accessible for injured persons everywhere. The quick supply through the eye shower in the form of a spray with which you can adjust the intensity of the irrigation yourself is a great advantage in case of eye injuries. With a very special plaster dispenser from AKLA you can easily adjust the length of your plaster yourself. You pull until the desired length is reached and close the lid. The integrated knife in the lid automatically cuts off the patch and closes the lid again to protect the patches from dust and dirt. Protect yourself and your employees and, in accordance with DIN 13157, install sufficient first aid stations in your company to guarantee employees a quick first aid possibility and thus prevent extensive injuries. Basic equipment: Station with stainless steel support plate WxHxD: 300x750x30 mm with swivel-mounted storage console as a cover support for the first-aid kit. Labelling field above the first-aid kit: upper labelling field green, white lettering for signal effect. The names of first aiders, emergency numbers and test intervals can be visibly positioned on it. First-aid box according to DIN 13157 with intelligent design and variable, 5S-compliant compartment division as well as transparent housing, so that the completeness of the contents is directly visible from the outside by the safety officer. The first-aid kit is removable and transportable for first aid for injured persons. First-aid manual in the space-saving compartment behind the first-aid box Ballpoint pen with eyelet and fastening chain, positioned in a stable workshop-suitable spring clip. For entries in the dressing book. Plaster dispenser (green, left in picture) filled with 85 detectable wound dressings, carrier foil/plaster 25 mm wide and 10 m long. Plaster skin-coloured. Due to the cutting mechanism in the lid, no scissors are required and the plaster can be cut to length individually. The system is firmly screwed on and cannot be stolen. Additional equipment of the "full equipment" version  250 ml isotonic wound and eye shower (0.9% NaCl) for the treatment of wounds and eye injuries. Stay sterile until the last drop! Roller plaster dispenser incl. soft-touch plaster. The ideal supplement for the treatment of cuts. Self adhesive soft foam bandage, does not stick to skin, hair or wound. Highly absorbent and latex-free. Plaster is 6 cm wide and 5 m long, cut to length by integrated cutting device on the holder. Additional equipment of the version "ear plugs Dispenser for earplugs including stainless steel holder. Contents: 500 pairs of Moldex earplugs made of soft PU foam. SNR value: 36 dB.

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Health & Safety Station
Health & Safety Station - Central board for first aid, fire protection and emergency information. Expandable with AED. The K.Lean Health & Safety Station is intended as a central board within the production to enable quick access to first aid, fire protection and emergency information. It offers: Stretcher First aid station for quick wound care Emergency plans First-aid display Fire blanket 2 fire extinguishers AED (optional)  The station comes pre-assembled and can be mounted directly by you. It is attached to the wall and supported by the 2 aluminum profiles on the floor. This means that plywood walls or Regips walls can also be used. Optionally possible: AED / defibrillator including wall mount: Here there are several different options, which is why we only offer this as an option and in coordination of your needs. You can also use your own AED stations here. The space for this has been provided. 2 Fire Extinguishers: Firefighting should always be done with at least 2 people if possible. Therefore we have installed 2 fire extinguishers. You can choose whether you want to have powder or CO2 variant. Height x width:  2225mm x 1700 mm Individual inscription: You have a name for your safety campaign? Then let us individualize your Health & Safety Station. Feel free to ask us to apply your own logo to the station.   On request, individual equipment:  Just send us an inquiry with your requirements.  


Net price: €4,967.00