Fine broom with mixed hair mixture - incl. handle


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Product number: 003.5.888
Product information "Fine broom with mixed hair mixture - incl. handle"
  • 600 mm width
  • for light sweeping material such as metal chips, etc.
  • broom handleincluded

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broom with arena mixture - without handle
600 mm width Arenga for coarse sweeping material  without broomstick


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coarse broom with arena mixture - incl. handle
600 mm width for heavy sweepings like metal chips, etc. broom handleincluded


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Broom handle made of aspen wood. With K.Lean Branding and specially made connecting cone to the broom. Length: 1400 mm


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dustpan reinforced, with lip
Reinforced dustpan on resistant galvanized metal with rubber lip and wooden handle. In order to offer you real added value, we have abandoned the simple dustpan and offer you only this reinforced version. This dustpan can withstand even the toughest applications and will accompany you for a long time. It is much more durable and the rubber lip protects the surfaces of your floors, machines, etc. Due to the wooden handle, the shovel sits comfortably and ergonomically in the hand.


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K.Lean Station 460-5 Mobil
Mobile broom station 460-5 for 2 large hall brooms (coarse + fine), 2 Ergo hand brushes (coarse + fine), dustpan and paper roll with waste bin for  Standing on wheels, this cleaning station is a practical all-rounder for 5 cleaning machines. You will find a double broom load to distinguish between fine and coarse sweepings, a practical paper towel dispenser and a shelf for a waste bin integrated. Not only the tool holders are designed for quick access but also the hand brushes are angled in ergonomic K.Lean design to lie ideally in the hand guide. By labelling the K.Lean Station you show your employees and visitors that order and cleanliness at this workplace is very important to you and that you are implementing the 5S guidelines. With this cleaning station you have all the equipment to keep the workplace clean very quickly at hand and avoid long search times and wasted ways. Features: The galvanized floor pan has two fixed and two swivel castors (d=100mm), easy-running blue wheels and is made of 2 mm thick sheet steel for stability and powder-coated in RAL 2004 orange. The blue elastic wheel covering (blue wheels) gives the cleaning station perfect sliding properties. It can therefore be moved very quietly, floor-protecting and vibration-damping. The practical and ergonomic push handle allows you to move the station easily between work areas. Large, white information board, labelled with K.Lean Station, including shadow images of dustpan and hand brushes. Holder for 2 hall brooms for 400 - 600 mm broom width With all K.Lean Stations, all cleaning devices can generally be placed in the same way as they are held in the hand during work. It is no longer necessary to move around! rear storage tray for various utensils Paper roll holder with sharp-edged tear-off bar - max. width of paper roll 400 mm Space for a waste bin (400 x 400 mm) Operating and assembly instructions Equipped with cleaning set 460-5 1 pc. broom 600 mm - mixed hair for fine sweeping 1 pc. broom 600mm - Arenga for coarse sweeping material 1 reinforced dustpan with rubber lip 1 pc. K.Lean Ergo hand brush - horsehair for fine sweeping 1 pc. K.Lean Ergo hand sweeper - Arenga for coarse sweeping 1 pc. cleaning cloth roll, blue, 2-ply, 1,000 tears, 360 m,   1 pc. plastic waste bin "Eco-Top" 40L with folding lid Dimensions: H x W x D  - Weight: (without packaging) without cleaning equipment: 1.800 x 600 x  470 mm - 35 kg with cleaning equipment:  1,980 x 1,010 x 570 mm - 47 kg Assembly instructions The K.Lean Station 460-4, 460-5 and 460-6 are screwed on a one-way pallet 800x620 and delivered stretched with opal foil. For reasons of possible transport damage, the wheels are supplied loose with screws. The holders for the Hallenser edge shovel and hall broom must be screwed over from the transport safe position according to the assembly instructions.


Net price: €657.50

K.Lean mobile cleaning island 980-5
mobile cleaning island for 2 large hall brooms (coarse + fine), 2 Ergo hand brushes (coarse + fine), dustpan, paper roll with 2 waste bins Galvanised floor pan as chassis, consisting of two roller-bearing fixed and two swivel castors with brake, D=100mm, elastic "blue wheels", soft castors two lateral support cheeks, made of 2mm thick sheet steel, powder-coated, orange RAL 2004, with push handle. Holder for 6 cleaning devices, holder and cleaning cloth roller with tear-off rail, floor-side base between the side cheeks for 40l waste bins, space for second waste bin with height-adjustable pick-up hooks for fixing the various SULO waste bin types. Large information and equipment carrier board white RAL 9010, labelled with K.Lean Station and shadow illustration for dustpan and hand brush rear storage tray at the station for various utensils with partition wall for additional installations: can/bottle holder etc Equipment carrier upper row of holders on the cleaning island for: flat shovel Holstein shovel or aluminium shovel with round pressed handle shaft (not riveted) and Double holder for 2 room brooms for 400 - 600 mm broom width, to take brooms with different bristle equipment. Lower row of holders on the cleaning island for: 2 ergonomic plug-in holders for hand brushes with different bristles Paper roll holder with tear-off rail max. width of paper roll 420 mm Parking space for waste bins Parking space with attachment possibility for Sulo plastic waste bin, ww 35l. 50l or 50l sheet steel waste bin galvanised Dimensions: W x H x D: 950 x 1,300 x 450 mm Weight: 40,00 kg Delivery includes equipment. Equipped with cleaning set 980-1 2 room brooms 600 mm broom width: 1 with hair mixture for light material,1 with Arenga fibre for heavy material 1 dustpan, pressed sheet steel, galvanized, with wooden handle and rubber lip 2 Ergo hand brushes with cranked handle - for easier handling and more even abrasion:1 pc. with hair mixture for fine debris,1 pc. with arena fibre for coarse debris. 1 cleaning cloth roll 2-ply, blue, width 380 mm, 1,000 tears 1 pc. plastic waste bin 40l with double flap 1 pc. optionally 30L or 50L SULO plastic waste bin  or 50L galvanized sheet steel waste bin The only difference between the three available variants is in the type of bin on the right

Variants from €969.61*

Net price: €1,049.50