K.Lean Station 500-4 with stand


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Cleaning Utilities

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Product number: 003.5.782
Product information "K.Lean Station 500-4 with stand"

For use in factory halls when no columns and walls allow the cleaning station to be positioned visibly.

Station 500-4 with mobile stand

Device holders for :

  • K.Lean hall broom up to 600 mm width
  • Hallenser aluminium edge shovel diamond
    pioneer of IDEAL spade size 7 - protective edge
  • Metal dustpan with rubber lip and Ergo long handle Hand brush

Scope of delivery:

  • Heavy steel base plate (400x400x15 mm, weight approx. 18 kg
    ) mobile with 4 swivel castors D= 50 mm,
    2 of which are lockable.
  • coated grey
  • stainless steel column 60,3 x 2 x 1700mm
  • K.Lean Station 500-4 mounted

Equipped with cleaning set 500-4

Set consisting of:

  • Hallenser aluminium edge shovel (003.4.335)
  • Shovel handle (003.4.336)
  • broom with horsehair mixture (003.4.337)
  • a broom handle (003.4.339)
  • one Ergo long handle hand brush fine (003.4.951)
  • one dustpan with lip (003.4.343)
  • Assembly and operating instructions
Delivery mounted on a pallet including equipment.


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K.Lean Cleaning station 300-3
The K.Lean Station 300-3 was developed especially for the warehouse, single workstations, machine tools, garages, household.A 4-part device holder for 3 cleaning devices for easy wall mounting. Made of sheet steel, powder-coated in the colour orange, RAL 2004, information foil white with foil inscription K.Lean. Holder for: hall broom for broom width 400-600mm Hand brush with wooden handle Dustpan (for pressed sheet steel dustpan) Hand brushes can be removed again in a practical, ergonomic and optimal way even in working position.   Mounting with 2 / 4 screw holes d=6,5mm.   Space requirement Width / Height (without devices):   400 mm / 450 mm   Scope of delivery: K.Lean 300-3 Equipment carrier with holders for the above mentioned cleaning equipment broom 600mm wide, mixed hair Hand brush with wooden handle, mixed hair Dustpan (for pressed sheet steel dustpan) Assembly and operating instructions

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K.Lean Station 500-4
K.Lean Station 500-4 - for 4 cleaning machines made of sheet steel, powder-coated in white RAL 9010. Designed as a large information board, labelled with "K.LeanStation" and a shadow image of the sweeping set (dustpan and hand brush). The screw-on device holders, which are loosely enclosed in the packaging, are made of stainless steel and help the product to look good and durable. Ergonomic holders for dustpan and hand brush. These can be inserted very quickly and Lean next to each other in the working position and can also be optimally removed again. Mounting with 4 screw holes D = 6.5 mm Weight: 5.8 kg Scope of delivery: Device holders on top for edge shovel and hall broom. Flat shovel Holstein shovel or aluminium edge shovel with round pressed shaft (not with riveted shaft) Hall broom for 400-600mm mm broom width Bottom device holders for dustpan and hand brush Dustpan (for pressed sheet steel dustpan) Ergo long handle hand brush 1x flat shovel, Halle aluminium edge shovel, Diamant Pionier size 7 with pressed handle 1x broom 600mm wide, mixed hair, for light sweeping 1x dustpan, sheet steel pressed with wooden handle 1x Ergo long handle hand brush for light sweeping material, mixed hair Assembly and operating instructions


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K.Lean Station 460-5 Mobil
Mobile broom station 460-5 for 2 large hall brooms (coarse + fine), 2 Ergo hand brushes (coarse + fine), dustpan and paper roll with waste bin for  Standing on wheels, this cleaning station is a practical all-rounder for 5 cleaning machines. You will find a double broom load to distinguish between fine and coarse sweepings, a practical paper towel dispenser and a shelf for a waste bin integrated. Not only the tool holders are designed for quick access but also the hand brushes are angled in ergonomic K.Lean design to lie ideally in the hand guide. By labelling the K.Lean Station you show your employees and visitors that order and cleanliness at this workplace is very important to you and that you are implementing the 5S guidelines. With this cleaning station you have all the equipment to keep the workplace clean very quickly at hand and avoid long search times and wasted ways. Features: The galvanized floor pan has two fixed and two swivel castors (d=100mm), easy-running blue wheels and is made of 2 mm thick sheet steel for stability and powder-coated in RAL 2004 orange. The blue elastic wheel covering (blue wheels) gives the cleaning station perfect sliding properties. It can therefore be moved very quietly, floor-protecting and vibration-damping. The practical and ergonomic push handle allows you to move the station easily between work areas. Large, white information board, labelled with K.Lean Station, including shadow images of dustpan and hand brushes. Holder for 2 hall brooms for 400 - 600 mm broom width With all K.Lean Stations, all cleaning devices can generally be placed in the same way as they are held in the hand during work. It is no longer necessary to move around! rear storage tray for various utensils Paper roll holder with sharp-edged tear-off bar - max. width of paper roll 400 mm Space for a waste bin (400 x 400 mm) Operating and assembly instructions Equipped with cleaning set 460-5 1 pc. broom 600 mm - mixed hair for fine sweeping 1 pc. broom 600mm - Arenga for coarse sweeping material 1 reinforced dustpan with rubber lip 1 pc. K.Lean Ergo hand brush - horsehair for fine sweeping 1 pc. K.Lean Ergo hand sweeper - Arenga for coarse sweeping 1 pc. cleaning cloth roll, blue, 2-ply, 1,000 tears, 360 m,   1 pc. plastic waste bin "Eco-Top" 40L with folding lid Dimensions: H x W x D  - Weight: (without packaging) without cleaning equipment: 1.800 x 600 x  470 mm - 35 kg with cleaning equipment:  1,980 x 1,010 x 570 mm - 47 kg Assembly instructions The K.Lean Station 460-4, 460-5 and 460-6 are screwed on a one-way pallet 800x620 and delivered stretched with opal foil. For reasons of possible transport damage, the wheels are supplied loose with screws. The holders for the Hallenser edge shovel and hall broom must be screwed over from the transport safe position according to the assembly instructions.


Net price: €657.50

K.Lean Station 250-2
A universal broom holder for the wall to hold the sweeping set that belongs to every modern workplace.It has been developed according to 5 S aspects : hanging, working, hanging of the cleaning equipment without having to reach around,so it can be positioned according to ergonomic aspects. Have your broom and dustpan always at hand with this holder and end time consuming searches. 2-piece, consisting of 2mm stainless steel parts. Dimensions: 245 x 76 x 68 mm Weight: 0,4 kg Device pre-assembled. Supplied with cleaning equipment:  1 dustpan with lip 1 long handle hand brush horsehair  


Net price: €39.00

Universal clamping rail - fixed length
The K.Lean tool holders are variably attached to the patented universal clamping rail. The clamping rail is extruded from aluminium profiles and anodised. Together with the separately available tool holders, it offers a unique, linear and flexible organization system. In free-floating use, the clamping rail unfolds its full potential: The system offers access to the tools, transparent workstations and additional depth (which benefits the offset mounting of tool shadows or special holders). The rail's closed top profile prevents coarse soiling. Sliding nut slides are located at the back and at the bottom, which can be used toattach various accessories(special holders, tool shadows). The universal clamping rail is part of the workbench attachments and the mounting trolley. It is available individually and by the metre for individual designs and applications. The clamping rail can be easily attached to walls and other flat surfaces in addition to the floating installation.

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